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15 Facts That You Probably Don’t Know About Cats

by qpenthos

Knowing your cat is really important. I’ll help you to know your cat a little bit more in this article.

1- Cats spend 3/2 of their lifetime in sleeping. So we can get that a cat who is 12 years old spend 4 years of its life in sleep.

2- Cats spen 3/1 of their life with selfcare so they are the world’s most clean animal.

3- It is known that male cats is left-handed, female cats right-handed.

4- Cats can drink sea water.

5- Cats can jump six times higher than their height.

6- It is wrong to feed cats with sweet food just because you think that they’ll like it. Cats can’t taste sweet.

7- Kittens start to dreaming after their first week.

8- Our little friends’ hearts can beat two times faster than ours.

9- Cats and human’s brains show %90 similarity.

10- It is known that in the whole world just Van Cats like swimming. Their fur prevents water from coming into contact with them.

11- Compared to dogs cat’s hearing abilities are much better. They can even hear the sounds that we can’t.

12- Cats have a compass in their brains so wherever you left your cat it can find way back home.

13- Cats just sweat from their paws because they have sweat gland just in their paws.

14- Cat diseases show similarities with human diseases. It is normal to come across Alzheimer in an old cat.

15- Cats communicate with each other in different sounds. Yowl is special for humans.

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