How Kittens Must Be Feed


How Kittens Must Be Feed

The first year is really important in kitten feeding. Their lifelong health depends on how they feed in their first year. In the first month, they start with breast milk and they start to eat cat food. I will address the points you need to pay attention to in this process.

Our little friends can double their weight in a short time. They should be fed 4-5 times a day. A water bowl must be filled often to make our little friends drink water any time they want. Also, you need to keep the bowl clean.

First 2 Week

kittens First 2 Week

The sense of taste, hearing and smelling develops in the first weeks. In the first week, their eyes are closed. When we reached the second week our little friends’ eyes will be open and they start to know what is around. In the first week, they must be fed in 2 or 3 hours but in the second week, this time can be in 4 or 5 hours.

Third And Fourth Week

kittens Third And Fourth Week

In these times your cat starts to play. Its teeth start to come out and its vision reaches its last stage. You can feed your cat in 8 hours at this stage.

Fifth Week

kittens Fifth Week

At this stage, your cat can slowly start to eat dry cat food.

Sixth Week

kitten eat fruit on mans shoulder

After the sixth week, your cat must completely stop drinking milk and starts to eating dry cat food.

Body Heat

cats drinking water

If your kitten is not raised by her mother then there is some important information that you should know. In the first 3 weeks, you probably realize that your kitten’s body is cold. You can solve this problem by putting a blanket on your kitten.


cat feeding

This part is also for cats that raising without their mother. You can feed your kitten with milk powder or foods that are special for kittens. A feeding bottle for kittens will also help you a lot. There is an important point that I must say do not squeeze the feeding bottle. This causes your kitten to choke. Just don’t squeeze it, let your kitten do the job.

You also need to heat the milk, do not give your kitten cold milk. Heat it up to 29-30 degrees.


cat Toilet

Mother cats lick that area to make their kitten do their toilet. Without a mom, kittens can’t manage to do that. You can do it by rubbing wet wipes in that area, but don’t rub too much this can also hurt your little friend.

Harmful Nutrients

After the first 2 weeks, it is not recommended to give a kitten cow milk, and also be careful about giving your cat human food it won’t hurt to ask about a vet.

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