How To Understand The Breed Of Cat



Let’s find out how to understand a cat’s breed in my article!

Cats are one of humanity’s best friends. The first domestication and the date when they started living together with humans date back to 9500 years. Cat breeds are very diverse. Purebred and hybrid species are also found. Some cat breeds are created by cross-mating in a laboratory environment.

Each race has its own characteristics. There are over 70 breeds of cats around the world. Although it is not easy to distinguish them from each other, it is possible to distinguish the right race with some physical characteristics. Because there are so many breeds, it is not easy to answer the question of how to understand the breed of cat. But if we know some characteristics, we can understand the breed. Given thoroughbred or hybrid breeds, we encounter a crowded group.

Why Is It Important To Learn The Breed Of Cat?

Why Is It Important To Learn The Breed Of Cat?

Knowing the genetic needs of the cat we have guides us in taking care of it. According to their breed, the food they can eat, the game they play, even their health care varies. For this reason, if we know what breed our cat belongs to, the easier it will be for us to help it.
Breed distinctive characteristics of cats; ear structure, body structure, short or length of feathers, colors, the shape of paws and hairy structure, tail length, or brevity can be determined by checking the breed of cat.
It is important to know whether a cat is purebred or not, according to the breed of the cat, it will be useful to learn its breed for training, care, and promotion.

How To Tell The Breed Of A Cat?

How To Tell The Breed Of A Cat?

A cat is genetically known to be a purebred or hybrid. There is a table of appearance that is revealed by its genetic structure. The color of the cat’s feathers, eye color, the structure of the feathers, and the shape of the face were determined by certain criteria. For example, for a Van Cat, white feathers, double-color eyes are the distinguishing feature that does not change. Determining the physical characteristics of the cat we want to have stood out as the easiest method to decide its breed.

To create a hybrid breed, two different breeds of cats need to mate. This new breed, which can carry different characteristics of both breeds, has now become a breed of cat in its own right.

Cat breeds determine character before appearance. If the cat’s appearance and character are compatible, for example, it has a short-haired, blue-eyed, mobile structure and appearance, such as a Siamese cat, the breed of this cat is Siamese.

But the most accurate method to understand the breed of a cat will be the decision that the veterinarian will make as a result of the examination.

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