Why Do Cats Want To Be Petted?


Why Do Cats Want To Be Petted?

Cats are known to be attention-crazed, playful, and child-friendly. Household cats especially can be a perfect companion for lonely people. Cats enjoy spending time with their owners as much as playing with them. Cats, who are not fondled by their owners from time to time, feel alone and loveless. For this reason, they can also have aggressive attitudes.

Cats are quick-living animals. For this reason, many cats can’t wait for their owners to come and caress them. They make an effort to caress themselves by going to their owners and turning over in front of them or jumping into their arms. Such behavior does not always make significant sense; it can only be an act that creates a bond between the owner and the cat, making both sides happy. The act of caressing is generally initiated by the owner. But the cat knows where it wants to be caressed. For this reason, he turns and shows the owner where he wants to be caressed, both by making different movements. Your little angels don’t like to be caressed in some parts. Caressing where he doesn’t want to can make your cat angrier than pleasuring it.

cat smelling human hand

It is true that cats enjoy being fondled. But they don’t do this action just because they enjoy it. Being caressed is a ritual that, according to cats, strengthens the energy between them and their owners. Some of the scientists think cats try to leave their scent on their owners by the act of caressing them. Cats have a mild scent that feels very difficult. But when the owners caress the cat, this smell will automatically infect their hands. By smelling your hand, you can feel the soothing smell of your lovely friend down to your bones. It has no social meaning for your little angel.

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