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5 Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed Feather

by qpenthos

I know a lot of you thought about adopting a cat but afraid of the hair loss. So it can be a good option to adopt a cat that don’t shed feather. In addition to its difficulty, it can also be a problem because some people are allergic to it. So here are 5 breeds of cats that don’t shed feather.

British Shorthair

The British shorthair cat has medium-sized, short but rather lush soft feathers. Its plumage is in shades of grey, and it is more likely to come across light grey ones. The fact that its feathers are short and strong is also sufficient as a serious measure against shedding. Due to its very little shed hair structure, it allows you to create effortless care. It has a pretty cute face with a round and chubby face.

Our cute friend, who is smart, listens and practices your words with his ear. Being alone is complete suffering for him. Because he is extremely loyal to his owner, he wants his owner to be with him all the time.


Burmilla cat with a large body, medium-sized legs, and facial structure, we can call it the embodiment of charisma with its long and slightly inward-curling tail. His slanted eyes and a slightly dislocated nose forward, which looks great compared to the perfect line, are a feature of his breed. The feather structure, on the other hand, attracts attention with its shortness, where a dense sequence of layers is observed. Burmilla cat, which has a cream color and longer feathers than other parts, especially from the alignment under the face to the end of the abdomen and sometimes paws; its back and tail are seen in a mixture of black and gray colors. The top of his head and ears are usually in Tabby tones. Our noble friend, who has such a special appearance, is very stingy about shedding because his feathers are not thin-stranded, and also because they are not in the category that will be considered long. That must be the best thing about being stingy! I must say that you are lucky that you will have very, very little chance of encountering feathers that fly on the ground or stick on you.


The Abyssinian cat, whose extremely large, long, and wide ears are interesting, also evokes a distinct attraction with the narrowness of its face and body lines. Its feathers, which are usually brown like desert sand, are very frequent and short in size. This, you know, is the first element that ensures that this cat’s hair does not fall out. Because of their metabolic system, they are also programmed not to shed hair, so no need to worry.

I think the Abyssinian cat is one of the most hyperactive cats you’ll ever see. This cat, who loves playing very much, never falls for activities such as ordinary ball catching. Of course, it’s fun for him to catch something like any cat. But this breed, which has a character with a bit of a monkey’s appetite, gets bored of everything in a short time. Only hopping games can tempt him. For example, climbing to the tops of cabinets, jumping on the refrigerator, and jumping from there to other elevations.

Siberian Cat

Although this breed has lot of feather, it don’t shed feather. He paints an impressive image with his plump face, medium-sized ears, slanted amber eyes, and a mixture of a cute mouth and nose. And the fact that his legs are long makes him look more flashy. The most striking part is that its feathers are long, bushy, and very fluffy. Because, you know, long-haired cats shed much more hair. But that’s not how it works in a Siberian cat, don’t worry. Because the Siberian cat is a greasy friend of ours. Hair loss and skin problems are very common on dry skin. But since it has an oily skin structure that will prevent hair loss. The Siberian cat’s feathers remain firmly attached to its skin.

Tonkinese Cat

With wide, erect ears and blue eyes, this breed of cat has perfect beauty with a mouth structure that plumps forward. A Tonkinese cat with a long body, the opposite of short legs, is a large-looking breed of cat. The ear, face, back, paw, and tail are black or dark brown, and the other remaining areas are gray or cream in contrast to the pleasant harmony offers us. Yeah, it’s a visual feast to watch! And you don’t have to clean these gorgeous feathers around often. Tonkinese cat is among evergreen cats with durable and fleeting feathers.

The cats I mentioned in the article, of course, molt. But compared to other cat breeds, the molting process is much less in these breeds.

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