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5 Reasons Why The Most Owned Animal Is Cats

by qpenthos

Cats are the most liked animal on social media and the people who have a cat a lot more than those who don’t have a cat. Everything happens for a reason so let’s see the reason behind the fact that why cats loved the most.

Cats Known To Be Really Clean

Compared to other animals cats are really clean. When they’re not sleeping they spend most of their time cleaning themselves. For this reason, you don’t have to wash your cat often. They also don’t like dirty places and they don’t do their toilets outside of their box unless an emergency.

Cats Are Known For Their Reticence

Most cat owners can say that their cat yowls a lot but compared to other animals their yowl is nothing. And their yowl has a relaxing tone that it won’t cause headaches and of course, your neighborhood won’t be complaining about it.

They Can Do Their Own Care

Compared to dogs cats need less care. You don’t need to take cats outside often. Of course, they want attention as much as dogs but if you are busy with something your cat can get enough with just laying next to you. If you need to go outside you can always leave your cat at home and when you get back home you won’t see a big mess.

You Don’t Have Any Trouble Cleaning Your Cat’s Toilet Box

Because of their instinct cats hide what they have done after the toilet. If you show your cats a few times what to do after the toilet they’ll learn it right away. It is also very easy to clean their box. Especially if you’re using clumping cat litter as soon as the cat urinates, the sand solidifies. You can easily get solidified sands with the help of a shovel.

Cats Can Easily Live In An Apartment Building

Apartment residents usually complain about pets living around them. Of course, some people should accept that animals also have the right to live in anywhere just like humans. A dog can maybe bother apartment residents by barking but cats are quiet and small animals so they can’t bother anyone.

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