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5 Things That We Know Wrong About Cats

by qpenthos

We live with cats for ages and we know lot about them but there are some common informations that we actually knew wrong. Here is a list of these mistakes…

1-Cats Fall On Top Of Four Legs

Of course, cats have a balance mechanism but this doesn’t mean that they always fall on top of four legs. Sometimes they can get serious injuries. Do not ever trust this false fact and leave your window open!

2-Cats Must Be Feed With Milk

Feeding cats with milk is not healthy at all because the cat’s intestinal system works differently from that of dogs. Dogs have the ability to digest foods containing milk and lactose quickly because their intestines are designed for carnivorous creatures. But cats not like that. It is hard for cats to digest foods that contain milk and lactose, for this reason, cats who drink milk don’t get hungry for about a long time. Just give your companion the food it likes more.

3-Cats Vomit Only Because Of Feather

Our cute friends vomit when they eat feathers and things like that, it is commonly known as this. But this is wrong. They can be vomiting because of digestive and intestine sickness. If your cats vomit a lot you should bring it to a vet.

4-Cats Always Hides

Yeah, they like hiding but if your cat does this a lot then there can be a problem. Cats love playing with their owners by hiding and they enjoy it. But they do these at the same hours in a day. The hiding that is doing after these regular hours can mean that your cat is scared of something. And this is not a good thing.

5-Cats Do Their Toilets When They’re Angry

We can see that cats sometimes do their toilets outside of their sand. Most think that this is because there is something in the house that makes our little friends angry or uncomfortable and this is partly true. Cats sometimes do their toilets outside of their sand to give their owners a sign but this does not always happen because they are angry. This can be because they are in the mating period. They do this to draw a boundary for blocking other cats from getting their territory.

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