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How To Cut Cats’ Nails

by qpenthos

It is really hard to cut a cat’s nails by yourself. They can become very aggressive when they see the nail clipper. Many people ask this question after suffering the wrath of tiny paws, how to cut cat’s nails? So I researched it for you guys and watched some videos to learn this process well enough. Let me tell you guys how to do this properly.

Choose a quiet place, it can be any room away from the noise. It’s better not to have objects around to distract your cat. Take your cat in your arms and sit comfortably. In this regard, it will be in your best interest to choose periods when your cat is calmly sleepy. For example, our cats become sleepy after eating. This is the moment.

Put your cat’s paw between your fingers and massage that sweet little paw. If your cat pulls its paw while you massage, do not force it and do not squeeze its paw to keep it calm. Instead, be gentle and keep the touch. When the paw is still again, press it in the middle of its paw (gently) and make its nails appear. After you do this, leave the paw immediately and present your reward food to your cat. You can repeat this every two days and perform a pleasant nail cut without stressing your cat.

Apply pressure by gently massaging his paws while your cat looks at another point from you and remove his nails completely. The pinkish part is the part you shouldn’t cut. If you want, don’t cut it directly and think about how far to cut the nails. (Note that only parts that are white will be cut, otherwise if you cut deep, it can cause bleeding) Go slowly in the initial stages, maybe cut just two quotes or just one paw.

Please be careful and never, ever cut your cat’s cuticle. Only the white part of the nail is cut, and be careful to cut only the white part, paying attention to this. Stray cats can do rasping by rubbing their nails into trees to rasp them. Because our home cats can’t find the right floor, they are missing out on this. For this reason, we recommend that you buy your cat a cat scratch board or cat scratch platform. After a nail cut, your cat’s gait may change for some time. About this, don’t get panicked. After nail cutting, this is a very natural process.

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