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How To Make A Cat And Dog Get Along

by qpenthos

If the animals you own include both a cat and a dog, and you want them to get along with each other well, this is not impossible but there are many things you need to do for that. In time, both your lovely friends will get used to each other; they may get along better than you can imagine.

You know, cats and dogs have instincts to protect their habitat. For this reason, you must keep them separate from each other during the first arrival process. As the break goes by, you can make them know each other by secretly changing their toys without them seeing each other. With a toy exchange, you get your friends used to each other. This is not difficult, thanks to their ability to smell. Both will see each other as harmless because of the smells they have heard before.

After the toy exchange, they recognize each other’s scent. After that, you can bring your cat and dog together. You should never leave them alone in the first place. You need to put your dog on a leash first and patiently manage the initial chaos process.

Let your cat and dog know each other for a few days under your supervision. When your dog is in a cage or behind a wire, give your cat a chance to sniff it by approaching it. After a few days, maybe a week, let them play with each other. Follow these games closely, carefully, and never leave them alone. Let the surveillance continue until they learn not to hurt each other during the games. After that, it will make them two good friends at home.

The most important thing that you must take into consideration is during the practice process, your cat and dog will first need to feel close to you. You can’t manage this process without feeling that they both have confidence in you. Even you will take time to fully get used to it. Either way, you need to be calm and patient. You have to let your little friends get used to the home and you before each other. The attention you give them will accelerate and strengthen this process.

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