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How To Make Cat Litter At Home

by qpenthos

Cat care is more difficult than other pets and cat owners should pay a lot of attention to certain issues. If you do not master all the details of cats, from eating, drinking, or even their health, this can cause problems that will upset both you and your little friend. So you have to pay a lot of attention to the care of your little friend. And you have to do these things without hurting your little friend.

Sand is one of the most important things in cat care so let me tell you how to make cat litter at home!

Making Cat Litter From Newsprint

There are many materials and methods to make cat litter. But the most well-known is the method of cat litter that is made by collecting newspaper papers. If you live with multiple cats and the cost of cats’ sand is forcing you, the best thing you can do is make cat sand from newspaper. The materials needed to make this sand are not too complicated. The materials needed to make cat litter from newsprint are plenty of newsprints, detergent, container, carbonate, and dish gloves. First, you must place the newspapers that you collect, cutting them thinly into a bowl. After that, break the paper into small sizes. Then fill these papers with water and liquid detergent to the brim. You have to wait for the paint on the paper to spill. In this, you should wash the newspaper papers in the water several times by filling them with the same method. At the end of this washing, the paints on the papers will be spilled. After that, you should wash the papers with carbonate by throwing them into the water in the same way. After using this method several times, you should rinse your papers and leave them for a few days to dry. In doing so, you must ensure that the water in the papers is thoroughly filtered. After the waters are well-drained, your cat friend’s sand will be ready. You can do this continuously and get rid of the cost of sand. Also, because it is organic, it will never harm both your cat friend and you. If desired, you can create naturalness by throwing some pebbles into your sand.

Making Cat Litter With Soil On The Street

There is a lot of construction sand on the streets or sand poured for other purposes. Although these sands seem dirty, you can make these sands clean with a practical cleaning move. The materials required for this process are a container of cat litter, methyl alcohol, a sand strainer, and gloves. The first thing you need to do is find the sand for your cat from anywhere on the street. When you get enough sand, you must first pass that sand through a sand filter. You can do this by wearing gloves and staying away from the sand at a certain distance. During this process, you should stay away so that the feces of another cat does not infect you. After cleaning solid things with a strainer, you should wash your sand liberally with methyl alcohol. After washing with methyl alcohol, rinse with water and leave your sand to dry in a place that sees the sun for at least 3-4 days. Then you will have made clean sand for your little friend.

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