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How To Prevent Cats from Jumping On Counters

by qpenthos

It is normal for cats owners to see their cats in weird places. But why they like to jump on counters and how can we prevent this? Let’s find out about this in my article!

Dining tables and kitchen countertops are the preferred places for cats, mainly due to their curiosity about height. Anything that he wants to taste or wants to make toys for himself may interest your cat to be on the counter or table. It can be also because cats whose water is not changed frequently want to drink water dripping from the tap, as it is fresh. With a few small moves, you can make your cat move away from the hobby of the kitchen counter.

As you know, cats like to be in high places. Why don’t you try to buying him a climbing tree? If you place this tree next to the window, your cat can conveniently watch both your home and outside. Some people use deterrent methods, such as a water gun or a spray can. If you do that, your cat will repeat the same behavior when you’re not around. It would be a more accurate approach to this attitude not to leave anything on the counter that would interest him and to repair the leaking taps if any. Cats sometimes do the things their owner don’t like because they want attention. If it still repeats the situation after the precautions you take, you can try to improve the hours and quality of the game with your cat.

Like us humans, cats can sometimes make a habit of their behavior. If climbing in places that are not suitable for him has become a habit, you can intervene in the situation by taking sharper measures. For example, you can try gluing double-sided tape on the kitchen countertop. Sticky surfaces are areas that cats absolutely hate. After encountering this several times, your cat will spontaneously give up its habit.

If you have tried all the ways mentioned above and still do not get results, you have the chance to get psychological support for your cat from a specialist vet. If possible, the vet you will get help with should be a character that your cat has known and trusted for a long time.

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