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Mating Period Of Cats

by qpenthos

Thanks to this article, in which we provide information about the mating periods of cats, you can access detailed information about this period.

Mating periods of cats differ in male and female cats. If you have a cat, you need to know about these periods. A cat’s mating period can be understood from the behavior of that cat. For this reason, by observing your cat’s behavior changes in a good way, you can understand whether your cat is during the mating period. Mating periods of cats can occur in such a way that they have more than one in a year. Of course, this situation varies depending on the age of your cat.

Each cat displays its mating desires in a different way. In other words, although each cat exhibits basically similar behavior, the behavior begins to become specialized according to cats. Some cats constantly shout, some cats also make movements that they have not done before. These movements indicate that cats are in a period of mating. So, what is the mating month/period of cats?

Behavior Of Cats During The Period Of Resentment

Sometimes cats are more affectionate in a period of mating than in previous periods. In this case, your cat can crawl to the wall or to you. It can even enter into a mating state. The cat’s distressed behavior during the period of resentment is that it constantly makes sounds and sprays urine.

Cat Mating Period

Cats enter a period called Cat mating within the first 6 or 8 months. But as we have already said, this period is not the same in every cat. Vets ‘ recommendations are for female cats to mate after the age of 1.

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