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My Cat’s Mouth Stinks, What Should I Do?

by qpenthos

Cats can have some problems, just like humans. One of them is bad breath. If you say that my cat’s mouth smells, you should read this article.

Child-friendly, love needy cats are the most common animals in homes today. In addition to the energy they add to the house, these angels, who are friends to lonely people, are also a good playmate for them if you have children. Of course, we can’t say that all cats are players. There are many species of cats. For this reason, you need to be careful when choosing the cat that you will own.

It is a well-known fact that cats, one of the most suitable animals to feed at home, are extremely meticulous creatures. Your little friends, who mostly don’t like to bathe, constantly need to clean themselves by licking with an impulse from genes. They often make this move to completely get rid of the smell that sticks to them and prevent other animals from finding themselves thanks to their smell. When you sleep with him, you can hear your little friend snoring from time to time, but you can’t smell it. Cats don’t smell bad, which is a plus for those who feed cats at home. But the slightest smell felt on your cat’s breath gives rise to the possibility of trouble.

So what causes Cats’ bad breath? This question often comes up. If your little friend’s mouth smells, you should focus on the possibility of periodontal disease. This disease is caused by intense inflammation of the gums. The appearance of the disease begins with the formation of plaque in the teeth. The immune system in the body goes into a state of war with plaques. For this reason, swelling of the gums is seen. During this time, the smell of breath is observed in cats, just as in humans. If it is not intervened in time, it will also be reflected in the bones of your little angels and, accordingly, the gums will be pulled. For this reason, it is necessary to get help from an experienced veterinarian without wasting any time.

It is not so difficult to understand that cats ‘ bad breath is caused by teeth. When you open your little friend’s mouth and look carefully, you may notice swelling in the gums. Jaundice in the teeth is also an indicator of a problem related to dental health. However, if you see a loss of appetite in your cat, if it constantly uses one side of its mouth when eating food, or if it does not allow you to touch its mouth, you can understand that there is a problem with its gums. When this condition is noticed late, painful days will begin for your little angel. You shouldn’t be late for a diagnosis so you don’t give him a condition like this. You don’t want your lovely friend to be in pain, do you?

How To Prevent Bad Cat Breath?

Your cat’s breath does not smell only for reasons related to dental health. An ulcer in the mouth is also a reason for your little angel to experience bad breath. If your cute friend has kidney problems and this causes an increase in uric acid, it is enough to make his breath smell bad again. We regret to say that a tumor that occurs in the oral cavity is a very common condition in all breeds of cats. This discomfort is not in danger of death. But it creates a terrible smell in the breath. Of course, this will cause you and other people in the house to be very uncomfortable. After early diagnosis and tumors received with the right treatment, your cute angel gets rid of bad breath. For this reason, it is necessary to immediately get veterinary help in a smell that is felt. Many similar health problems are the cause of bad breath in your cat. For each disease, separate treatment methods are used. You can easily apply some of these methods in your homes. Using the same method in every bad breath you see in your little friend can unintentionally cause him trouble. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to clearly determine what causes bad breath.

It is possible to buy many types of cat oral care products or mouth sprays over the internet. But these products, which are used without your knowledge, can do more harm to your cat than good. Some of these products are really good, while some are just for-profit products. For this reason, it will be best for you and your cat to get the recommended products after having your little angel undergo the necessary checks at a veterinarian with experience in the business.

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