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Scottish Fold Training

by qpenthos

Scottish folds, which are among the most popular cat breeds in the world, are a very beautiful, cute cat breed with a small and curled ear structure. This beauty is caused by mutations. Because they have mutations, they are not only physically limited to differences. Scottish Fold breed is forced to fight many chronic diseases caused by the mutation. Diseases that can be experienced can also affect the psychology and educational status of your cat.

Psychology Of The Scottish Fold

The psychological state of your cat depends heavily on you. The environments you offer them, the services you offer, seriously affect their psychology. Since the Scottish Fold is not a natural breed of cat, its psychology may be different from other breeds. If you have this cute breed of cat, you should never lose your love. They are very upset when left alone without love for a long time, and there may be changes in their movements. You know, a cat with psychological disorders can even skip toilet training. So it’s better to be careful. To keep their psychology at a good level, it is necessary to express these situations by collecting them accordingly;

1-Certainly don’t miss your love, as the Scottish Fold breed has a very delicate structure.
2-Do not leave him alone for long.
3-Maintain calm in the process when you are in the same environment, as it has a calm structure

Character Of Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold breed is noted for their curled ears, high-pitched sounds, and their calmness. It’s a monument of beauty. They’re usually on their own as if they don’t have a relationship with the outside world, looking around and just spending their days. They love to play games. By buying a ball, you can spend your free time taking care of it, playing games. They are very docile, never lose calm, but they like to play games and are very smart. Since they are a calm breed training them won’t be so hard. Starting the care of your cat as a kitten will also be a big plus for future times.

Scottish Fold Toilet Training

You know, by their nature, cats already have toilet training. All you have to do is give them a special space to use their sand. In this regard, you should also pay attention to the issue of contact with feces. If bacteria, parasites found in feces come into contact with your cat, they can also be transmitted to you through your contact with your cat. Because the Scottish Fold breed is docile, they will be very adaptable to your rules.

Scottish Fold Screening, Brushing

Our little friends also have molting problems. Sometimes these feathers make meticulous friends very tired. To minimize hair loss, you should scan your cat and get it used to the combing its feathers. Cats may not stay very calm when their feathers are combed, so if you have a kitten, it is absolutely important to start this combing process at a young age. Although some cats are cranky, this is very unlikely for the Scottish Fold breed. They’ll sit as you like and let you scan nicely.

Generally, our cats like to be scanned, brushed, because these situations give them a feeling as if they are fondled, and so it is possible that they even enjoy it if you brush slowly, lovingly. The difference between brushing and combing is that it is preferred for harder, scattered, irregular, and entangled hairs. The part that you should pay attention to is that you should be slow when you try to open the hairs that are entangled in each other by brushing them, you should not allow their feathers to be pulled and hurt. To avoid this, you can also brush the root part of the hair, the upper part by holding it manually from the bottom. When you do it in this way, your cat will not feel it when you pull even the feathers that have become knotted.

You have to be very patient and move slowly in the training process of your cat. You should avoid behavior that may make it nervous, you should make it feel comfortable.

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