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Things That Cats Hate

by qpenthos

All cats have a character. There can be things that they love and things that they hate. You must know what are the characteristic features your cat has. This article can help you a little bit. Let me tell those things to you and don’t let your cat face one of those things.


Cats usually don’t like water and situations that includes water. But this is not a big problem because they don’t need bath. Cats can clean themselves and for this reason, they don’t need to be washed by a human.

House Change

Cats like routine life. Creating a living space of their own, just like humans, is a reassuring and happy way for cats. So if you are thinking about moving out please think again.


Honk, loud music, and things that make loud noises can make your cat aggressive. Loud noise is a danger signal for cats. Sometimes this feeling of danger can occur even in a simple snoring event.

Cutting Their Nails

Nails are the most important limbs that your cat uses as a weapon to protect themselves. So when you try to cut your cat’s nails it can get really angry. To avoid the situation, you should get your cat used to the nail cutting process from an early age. If you do that to an adult cat that is not used to the nail cutting process you’ll damage his self-confidence.

Too Much Attention

Cats love to have a free life so if you are around your cat too much this can make your cat feel uncomfortable. But also not giving your cat enough attention is also something that they hate. You just have to protect that attention balance. You’ll understand by your cat’s behaviors that it needs attention.


Wiggle of newsprint can make your cat uncomfortable. They also don’t like television sizzle. Instead of going and sitting in another room when they are uncomfortable, they prefer to stand behind you and mumble to you all the time.

Of course, every cat has its character and what they like and dislike different from each other. In this article, I tried to give examples of things that most cats dislike. Some of those things can depend on how you raised your cat.

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