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TOP 10 Movies About Cats

by qpenthos

I know we all love cats and movies about them. Here are 10 movies that you’ll probably watch a thousand times.

1-Cats & Dogs

There is a common knowledge that cats and dogs usually can’t get along well. We don’t know why they can’t but it has been going on for ages. In this movie there is a cat called ”Tinker” and it is trying to organize other cats to rule the world. But a group of dogs is also having the same kind of a plan. Will the world’s fate depend on dogs or cats?


I guess you know Garfield? You know, the Garfield. Yeah, yeah I don’t want to get into it too much it is an orange, fat cat and this movie is about him. Just joking 😀 I am funny. Let me tell you about the topic of this movie for those who don’t know anything about Garfield. He is a cat that basically has everything a cat asks for. But one day his owner decides to bring a dog to the house to impress a woman and yeah my fellows as you can guess this is the moment Garfield’s perfect life starts to fall apart. Of course Garfield doesn’t want this dog to stay ”his” house so he decides to kick him out of the house at night and then poor dog is being kidnapped. And the journey of looking for this poor dog begins !

3-A Street Cat Named Bob

This is a movie that originated from a real story. The main character of the movie is a homeless, old drug-addicted that goes to rehabilitation. All he has the music he does but this will change when he meets a sick street cat.

4-Inside Llewyn Davis

The movie is about a folk artist that trying to survive in Greenwich Village. He wants to earn his life through his music but things not moving the way he wants. He doesn’t even a place that he owns and he stays with his girlfriend’s house. But the movie’s hero (Llewyn Davis’s cat) is the miracle that will change the movie.

5-Puss in Boots 

We all know him, he is the famous fairy tale hero that we all love. In this movie, he is after theft with his gang. You’ll be watching a funny and also an exciting movie.

6-Kedi (The Cat)

In Istanbul/Turkey it is possible to see cats in every corner of the city. They are roaming the city freely and showing that this city is their home. This movie shows us seven of them. We see in this movie how cats see us.

7-Nine Lives

There is a common myth that cats have nine lives and this movie focus on this myth. In the movie a businessman Tom Brad having a terrible accident with his cat. After the accident, he realizes that his soul is in his cat’s body. And he begins to see his family through his cat’s eyes.


There is a cat paradise in this movie called ”Heaviside” and the king’s purpose is to choose the cat who will go there. But a bad cat named Macavity decides to kidnap the king. To stop the things that going to happen after this, other cats get involve.

9-The Sick Kitten

Two little kid finds a kitten who suffers from a sickness that kids don’t know. These two little kids will try to end this kitten’s pain by pretending to be doctors.

10-Pet Sematary

A family’s cat dies in an accident and they burry it in a mysterious cemetery. When the cat they buried turn back to the life they’ll try to uncover the mystery of cemetery.

thanks for reading my article, hope you find a movie that you like!

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