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What Are The Things That Cats Afraid Of?

by qpenthos

Cats can be scared for many reasons. But we call these cats “coward cats” because we can’t understand what they are afraid of. Cats can be overly irritable and aggressive when scared. Therefore, we should not underestimate this issue. There are two important points to prevent cats from being afraid. These stages; the elements that cause fear and how to eliminate these fears. So, what are cats afraid of? In this article, we talked about the answers and solutions to this question.

Cats can sometimes exhibit strange movements. For example, when the doorbell rings, it suddenly reacts and hides somewhere. When a guest comes home, he attacks or runs away. All these examples indicate that cats are afraid. The main source of causes is stress and anger. So we can say that coward cats are extremely angry and stressed creatures. But the causes of fear of cats should not be attributed to just these causes. There can be many underlying and unnoticed causes.

Cats are not afraid for just one reason, and the reason they are all afraid is different. The main way to understand the reason for fear is to look at events from the cat’s point of view. For example, let’s think of a cat abandoned by its mother. Let him be abused by people. This cat will think that every creature will harm itself, and therefore be afraid.

Or a cat abandoned by its mother, owned by an animal lover. The cat will be angry when it sees someone else next to its owner. Because he thinks that the owner will love these people more and leave him.

These examples can be reproduced. Regardless of the reasons for fear of cats, the fear of violence, lack of love or abandonment lies at the heart of the reasons for fear. For this reason, cat owners should not hesitate to show their love for their cats and spend a lot of time with their cats.

How Cats Can Be Prevented From Being Scared?

Although cats are afraid for many reasons, all they need is love. It can reduce or eliminate fears with love-related solutions. First of all, cats should be loved and not be timid when showing this love. But cats should not be battered when loving.

The main way to show love to cats is to play games. Shy cats, especially, love to play games. Because thanks to the game, he can overcome his fears and does not act shy. They have confidence in the person they’re playing with. After a certain time, it connects to its owners and they love it very much.

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