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What Should I Do To Make My Cat Lose Weight

by qpenthos

Cat owners often make mistakes by seeing themselves in an equal position with their cat. They feed them with too much food, thinking that their cat can eat as much as they can. Some may even see the food as a reward for their cat. This causes weight gain first, and then obesity. Instead of doing this, spending a little more time with your cat, playing games with your cat is a much more effective method of establishing a tight bond with your cat. Overeating causes not only obesity in cats, but also many health problems. It’s hard for your little friends to lose the weight they get afterward. Of course, there are many different reasons why cats can’t lose weight. Why your cat has trouble losing weight? Let’s find out about it in my article.

Examine Your Cat’s Calorie Value

If you want your cat to lose its extra weights, you should carefully monitor how many calories it takes in a day. Each creature has a number of calories that it should take daily. Excess calories are taken return to your tiny friend as excess weight. If your cat is overweight than necessary, you should keep the reward food away from it.

Consider Recommendations

Keep track of how much food you give your cat. It will be useful not to go beyond the amount written on the food packaging. Filling the container according to your guess can harm your cat.

Watch Your Cat’s Age

It is not right for an adult cat to be fed in the same way as a growing cat. It is ideal to feed a cat twice a day from 6 months until it reaches adulthood. A cat that has passed the age of one can be fed once or twice a day. If your cat is over seven years old, it will be enough to feed it once a day.

Consider Your Cat’s Health Status

Your cat’s nutrition varies according to the health problems it experiences. If we give an example, cats with diabetes may need nutrition after taking insulin. If you have a cat facing health problems such as Troid, it would be more accurate to seek help from a veterinarian who specializes in nutrition.

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