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Why Cats Love Cardboard Boxes

by qpenthos

Is your lovely friend hiding in cardboard boxes? Want to know why cats love cardboard boxes? The answer is here.

Despite the so expensive toy that was bought, it is not clear why the box attracted the cat’s interest more. But there are still some predictions. Today, it is possible to find many different toys for cats. But a cardboard box is much more interesting for your cat than the toys that you buy. So much so that your cat can play with a cardboard box for hours. By leaving a box in your house, you can see how much your cat will enjoy playing with it. Why do cats love these cardboard boxes, which can be easily found anywhere, so much? Of course, there are multiple reasons for this. Let’s look at these reasons together;

Cardboard boxes allow cats to sleep comfortably: it is very important to be safe in cats as well as in humans. For this reason, they prefer places where they are sure that they will not suffer any harm while sleeping. A cardboard box also falls between these places. There are many types of beds sold for cats to sleep peacefully. But the supply of beds for each cat is almost impossible. If you just think that there are millions of cats living on the streets, you can more easily understand why. However, finding a cardboard box is much more comfortable than a bed. It is possible to supply cardboard boxes from all grocery stores or grocery stores.

Cardboard boxes reduce stress: cats feel vulnerable and in danger in open spaces. Being able to find an enclosed space where they can hide will noticeably reduce your cat’s stress level. Especially if a cat that has just joined your family stays in a cardboard box until it gets used to the house and can find areas inside the house where it can hide, it helps it feel safe. Especially nervous cats are concerned about whether it is safe outside and therefore want to hide. This situation continues until they are sure that they will not see danger from the outside. Cats, who are provided with something box-like closed to hide, can cope with environmental changes as well as not experiencing stress. Cats in Nature use this requirement in treetops, caves, etc.

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